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Did you know?

36 million adults in the US have basic or below basic literacy*
*Source: UNESCO

that’s 1 in every 6 adults

Low literacy impacts



quality of life


basic livelihood

Specifically, thousands of immigrants and refugees enter the United States each year. When it comes to their healthcare, they’re confused, they don’t know what to do, and it’s costing the healthcare industry billions each year.

But, it’s not just immigrants who struggle with literacy. Many native-born, Americans drop out of high school each year.

When communication is hampered by low literacy, a lack of trust and mutual respect between patient and provider arises that complicates healthcare even more.

These people know literacy is an important skill to have and is essential to improving their health for themselves and their loved ones.

They need an effective, convenient and engaging program for health literacy.

that’s where LiteraSeed comes in…

Meet LiteraSeedTM

LiteraSeed™ is a first step mobile-app based solution designed to tackle the crisis of adult illiteracy by improving situational literacies; starting with healthcare.

Enabling adults to fully integrate & engage in their care.

Empowering them to take charge of their health.

And, improving their lives by enabling autonomy and self-reliance.

Learn anytime, anywhere!

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How LiteraSeed TM works

Intuitive & Modular

Progress at your
own pace!

Feedback & Analytics

Track progress,
achieving more!

Progressive Challenges

Push past your
comfort zone!

Social Component

Connect to peers
and mentors!

LiteraSeed (TM) is an intuitive and modular e-learning program for adult literacy empowerment that adapts to the needs of the user, allowing them to progress at their own pace. The platform could also integrate into instructional or institutional systems, providing progress updates, data, and opportunities for real-time feedback from trained literacy professionals. A social component allows users to connect with peers and mentors to further enrich their learning experience.

LiteraSeed™ wants to improve the lives of millions of US
adults with increased health literacy for better health outcomes.

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